The DigiWomen Launch

DigiWomen is a vibrant, new interactive community that are asking women working in the digital industry in Ireland – be it in web design, online marketing, software development, or any business with an online presence – to become part of the launch of DigiWomen by supplying an image of themselves that shows their name, their website and a visual statement “I am a DigiWoman”.

Women in Ireland continue be less entrepreneurial, tend to have lower confidence and aspirations when it comes to running their own business than their male counterparts who are 2.5 times more likely to be an early stage entrepreneur than are women, making it one of the lowest rates of female entrepreneurs in the developed world. (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2011)

The GEM also reports that women are 5 times more likely to set up their own business as a result of meeting other women entrepreneurs. It’s well known that women naturally tend to collaborate, share information and support other female entrepreneurs.

Enter DigiWomen. It is the brainchild of Rita Tobin, Pauline Sargent and Siodhna McGowan. It’s an exciting project that aims to create an interactive, online platform for women running their own digital businesses (i.e. any female led business with an online presence)

Speaking about the premise for #DigiWomen, Pauline Sargent, digital marketing consultant in Social Zavvy, said

“I meet so many women starting out and there’s a common thread to the challenges. They feel they lack of expertise – be it sales, marketing, technical, communications, design, business development and so on. Pauline adds, ‘we wish to play our part in addressing the gender imbalances by starting a series of practical, visible projects to educate and inspire women to become thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

 Rita Tobin adds to this

“it’s still a fact that a lot of emerging female run businesses are microenterprises and don’t typically don’t fall within the profile for government support who focus on manufacturing, internationally traded services, high potential start-ups and large companies”.

There will be a launch of the new DigiWomen website this coming Friday, the 8th of March 2013, on International Women’s Day, in Fumbally Exchange at 1pm. We will also be showing the promotional video featuring businesses who responded to our #DigiWomen call out.

Siodhna adds that

“once the site is launched we will be showcasing member’s stories in an engaging way so that others can identify with their challenges and get inspiration from them”.

Keep up to date on DigiWomen on Facebook. Or follow the Twitter hashtag #DigiWomen for further news and updates.


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